UK family moving to Budapest. How to find a job?

Jamshid Khazanehdari :

Many thanks Benei Zsolt; Most helpful.

I think that Benei Zsolt has given the best, experienced advise here so far.

You are welcome Jamshid.If you get stuck with anything just let me know.
Good luck and best wishes

Jamshid Khazanehdari :

Hello everyone;
My family and I have moved to Hungary recently too.
My wife in Hungarian but I can only speak English (and Persian).
I had a computer business back in the UK with hardware and software support for the last 20 years and also worked as the IT manager of a language school for the last 6 years...
I would like to have a part time or full time job here and it doesn't have to be in IT. The only problem is that my Hungarian is very much work in progress!
I have realised things are very much different here and am going to give it a go dealing with it. I am not young (57) so more patient I hope!
Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

I suppose you know that there used to be quite a few Iranian medical students in Debrecen.

Thank you klsallee.

Hello, yes thank you. I understand that there are many Iranian students studying in Hungary. Will look for some information to find out how to get in touch.

Jamshid Khazanehdari :

Hello, yes thank you. I understand that there are many Iranian students studying in Hungary. Will look for some information to find out how to get in touch.

You might be able to help them with their English.

Thanks Benei,

40 posts before any real tangible input.   :)

I'm also looking to relocate from Czech Republic to Budapest. If anyone else has any tips on agencies or means to apply for jobs remotely, it would be much appreciated.

I must say, being British, I've taken some stick about how negative we are as a nation but Czechs and so it seems Hungarians are incredible negative.  If you don't like where you live. MOVE

Hi Mancgogo,

Here are some agencies for you:-
Kelly Serivces
Karrier Hungaria
Next Consulting

Web sites:


Unisys,3 shifts
Docler SSC - 3 shifts

If i can help anyone to find a job just send me your CV and i forward it to my wife as she Works for IBM HR,never know somethng might come up and hope for the best.
Obviously you feel a massive Negativity in post-communist countries down to history i guess,I am from here but it was difficult for me to too to adjust for this enviroment but i think its down to us how to deal with it.You know you are the only one who can change other people attitude :-)

Thank you and well said! :)

Thanks for all the information.  In my experience if you have the right degree of determination you can get work just about anywhere.  If I was going to apply for more employment I would try all of the places listed above.
In my experience so far most employment is in budapest but to avoid higher housing costs commuting into the city is a reasonable financial option.

Szolt, thanks for the  very good info.
For those of us who chose to go into a trade and not get a degree, is there much in the way of work here in Hungary?
I made a ton of money as a casino games dealer in Vegas but I know here in Hungary it really isn't the big money making job as other places are.
In Monte Carlo for an example, dealer/croupier jobs are never available, those are actually handed down from family to family because they are such good paying jobs.
My old gaming instructor in the US had worked in the private casinos in the 1960's in London.
Back in the day, those were "sweet " jobs as well. She moved to  the US when she married a American.
She often told us about how her feet hurt standing all night long in heels and a evening dress just waiting for the one Sheik to show up with 6 women hanging on him dripping  in diamonds.
She made "bank" in 15 mins just from the one player.
My son got hired here in Budapest as a casino games dealer but decided to not take the job because it didn't pay much for the trouble.
I think it is easy to get a job, finding one that pays in another story.

Amesha80 :

We are starting to realise too that the only realistic way for my husband to move to Hungary is through his existing employer Bosch (the question is would they offer him the opportunity and if they do when). Still interested in other people's experiences though as everyone's story is different. Hungary is my home, only left 7 years ago so it won't be difficult for me at all to adjust back (apart from all the paperwork it will take to get back into the system)......but for my husband it will be challenging and it's useful to read how other foreigners/expats see the way of living there (the system, the people etc). I wanted him to see he is not alone. :-D

I originally moved to Hungary with an established international company. Originally, I was asked to stay for 6 weeks and I ended up staying for 5 years!  I moved back to the States, saved up some money, and now am moving back to Hungary.

I would definitely say that if you like the company you work for, in this case Bosch, then if you could move with Bosch, it certainly simplifies your life.  And it could very well be of benefit to Bosch because they can pay you differently, adjusting to different levels of taxation, pay, and benefits.

However, it is not the only way, and please do not give up hope! There are quite a number of international companies and organizations in Hungary.  There are also a number of agencies that can help find work, create properly formatted Hungarian style CVs, and help prepare you for interviews and such. Kelly Services was one agency already mentioned and there are others.  I may be an optimist, but I truly believe there is a happy future for myself in Hungary.

Here are a couple of websites with further employment opportunities and information.

Kelly Services might be a good way to get your foot in the door.
You  will get more money if you don't use such a service however, they must make a little something off of finding you a job.
My sis worked for them in Cal. once in awhile in the 70's.
You are suppose to not get recruited while having a contact with Kelly.
If a co. likes your work they can not make you an offer until the Kelly contact has run it's course.

Hello Mancgogo,

PM sent to your inbox. Hope to be of help!



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