Any company to install Solar power near Ras Sudr?

I live near Ras Sudr where there are often problems with the electricity supply. I'd like to have a solar system installed (we have plenty of sun!). Does anyone have a suggestion or recommendation o
for a company that can set up a solar power system for a one-family house?

Yes I can help you with this but 1st I need to ask questions. You need it for lighting only ??or you have many device in your house and you will operate it also ? There is German system and Chinese what you prefer ?? Coz it's depends about your budget

I'd use it for all our electricity needs - or as many as the system can handle. Those are lighting, air conditioning, appliances (fridge, freezer, washing machine, etc), hot water. Everything a house uses power for. The available electrical power here is not always dependable. For example, we had no power for 9 hours yesterday.

As for the model, I honestly don't know. I'd need to speak to an engineer to know the differences. I would guess that with the nearly constant sunshine we have here, we should be able to generate enough power for our needs.

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Thanks! I'll get my husband to call since my Arabic is pretty basic.

You welcome and wish you and your husband good stay 👍👍👍👍

Hi, I know 2 companies in Egypt who work in this. Solarize Egypt and Karm Solar, you will have to contact them for more details whether they work in your area and which system is better for your case.


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