best place to get a mobile phone fixed

My Nexus 5 has died... continual reboot. Any idea where the best place to go to fix this might be?



In Saar mall, shop no#13, Sydney telecom. You can take it there, they can take a look at it.


Thanks for that. Very helpful.

I actually dismantled the phone myself and fixed it myself last night. Didn't have anything to lose and was glad to get it back.

it was a stuck power button.

Ah ok ! good to know its back to life!  :top:

Try the shops in Hoora, but sounds like you need a new one , have a look at the web page they do good phones at cheaper prices then Bahrain.The is based in UAE but they will deliver within one working day.


I think you did not read his reply properly, it says he fixed it  :)  anyways thank you for your reply and just to correct you its


beat me to it logical!

Go to special communication in gosi complex

Sure, SPECIAL999 thanks for the update.

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