PCC issue from Passport office


I have got job offer in Kuwait. what all I need is now Applying PCC.
PCC should from the Passport office or it should from local authorities
I have applied PCC online through is this valid PCC will they accept it
because I have read somewhere that PCC should be from local police and it should be attaested from state HRD and MEA
please help on this issue.

Hi there,

PCC can be only done from passport office. No need to go to police station.


Thnx for reply,

Should I get it attested from State HRD and MEA or only MEA and Kuwait emabssy

You have to get it attested from Kuwait embassy but they will not stamp it PCC only,so at first just take the PCC and when you give your passport for stamping in Kuwait embassy (With medical and Visa) they need PCC also and it will attested all together.

I believe you have to catch one agent also because Kuwait embassy only accept the application from register agents.



Can we get attested from Kuwait itself because first I am traveling now on visit visa andafter that they will apply for work visa...I have to travel very can I carry the PCC get attested from Kuwait itself??? Please help

For attestation of PCC. you also need the notary stamp.

BDW you don't have to get PCC for visit visa. The validity of PCC is only 3 months from the date of issue.

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