Hi Guys! I was just reading on-line news and I was surprised in how many foreigners was killed in 2016 in areas of the North Coast in Dominican Republic. For example one Italian guy lost his life  in LT in September, a couple in Cabrera in May , and more others.  To me it appears that these people lost their life for little money.... and this is really sad. I know that in DR there is a huge problem with the poverty. In the past I red that Las Terrenas was considered a quite place. Many people suggest to keep a low profile when visiting or living in DR, what is your opinion on this?  What do you think you guys expat there? There is an icreasing of criminality? Thanks everybody.

I dont think there is an increase. But, there is an increase in expats living here,  who may or may not understand how to live here safely. 

Yes live a simple life,  don't flash,  be aware of  your surroundings and what to do, how to behave and who to associate with.

Most crimes and killings are  inside jobs!   So you need to know who you are associating with,  hanging with,  employing or working with.

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