Blood Test

I got an offer to work in construction field. I'm preparing to apply for a work permit in Jordan. But i'm a hepatitis B carrier and my only concern is if i'm able to get a work visa because i know blood test for HPB is a must in jordan from this forum. I also find some info from other forum like UAE, HPB test is not necessary in UAE if your occupation doesn't fall into the 6 categaries such as food or babysitting.

So, i want to know if there is the similar policy is in Jordan. If not, if HPB is absolutely banned to work in Jordan from your experience ? Your advice for me.

I asked around and unfortunately for you, you will be deported when the results are known. This is not my experience but I got this information second hand.

But to make it very sure, I would ask my future employer if this is true or not.
Like you said,  maybe there might be exceptions when you work in a field that doesn't matter.

Primadonna, thanks for your help.

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