Advice on how to Move (goods) to Bangkok

Hi guys my name is Maarten and I'm new here. I'll be moving to Bangkok in February 2017.

I love my skateboard my computer and my keyboard/piano so i would like take these things with me to Bangkok.

Can Anyone give me some advise?


Move from where to where?

From Belgium to Bangkok

I'll be staying at least 1 year in Bangkok

You can carry skateboard and computer in you luggage but if you don't want you have to send everything by ship. You have to contact shipping company to ship to Bangkok. Usually your shipping company have contact with shipping company in Bangkok as well as transportation in Bangkok.

If you come to Thailand with retirement visa, you will be exampt from imported taxes if goods are for personal use. Otherwise taxes are expensive and it is not worth for you to bring that, sometime tax even more than the cost if your goods.

Thanks for the useful reply ;-)

I'll be coming to Thailand with an education visa.

Are there any taxes when you take a computer and/or skateboard in you luggage?


Both things are for personal use items and if both things have been used you should not have to pay tax if you are comming with a long term student visa.

Anything that is brand new in the sealed box, if they found out they will ask for tax because they will consider things are for sale. 

At the airport there are green exit and red exit. Green exit mean you have nothing to declare tax. Red mean you have something to declare tax.

If you have something to declare tax but you follow green exit enstead of red. When they x-ray your bag they will find out that you are carrying goods that need to pay tax, they will ask you to pay.

Goods that are for personal use and not in brand new in original packing shouldn't have to pay any tax.

Thank you so much for your reply!

I'll just try put my desktop in my luggage :p


You are welcome

hello Maarten,
In case uou need any help, don't hesitate to let me know as I am working as a shipping in Bangkok.
Good luck

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