Music/audio work in Strasbourg

Hi, I'm interested in learning more about the entertainment industry/ demand for audio work in Strasbourg. Can anyone tell me if there is a demand for professional audio engineers to work on music for bands/artists, audio for commercials/corporate videos, audio for video games or anything in that vein in the region? Also, are there any professional studios in the area? Not something run out of a basement/house but a commercial recording studio with a proper live room and pro gear (like a Neve, API or SSL console, ProTools HD, etc…)? What are typical rates for these types of facilities? What can an engineer/mixer/producer expect to earn working in this field? Lots of questions but I want to make sure the move is worth it (aside from the idea of living in such a beautiful region). Thank you in advance!

No idea on actual job opportunities but it's worth contacting ARTE Entreprise for any jobs going in your field perhaps, also Deaf Rock Studio.

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