Marine Engineer - Work Opportunities in Seychelles ?

Hello, and first, thank you for reading this post!!

I wonder if there exits opportunities for a marine engineer to work for short term (long-term is open option, depending on opportunity)  anywhere in Seychelles.

I have over 10 years of experience, in design offices, yards, as a lecturer, as well as sailing experience onboard ships. I can work with Mechanical, Electrical as well as control systems. Can teach, lecture, engineer, can repair and maintain, operate and manage piping, HVAC, Engines, to name few.

I am 40 year old "young man".  :cool: presently,  I am outside Seychelles. I am from Pakistan, have worked in Europe and US most of my professional life.  I want to take time off from the beaten path ....hence the post.....

Any leads to opportunities please? Much appreciated!.

Thanks :)

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