Family of 4 moving to Auckland

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I am married to a Kiwi and we have 2 children (3.5y and 20m). My busband wants to move back to NZ. I have been offered a teaching post in Auckland. After reading some of the forums I am starting to panic about the cost of living in NZ, especially in Auckland and reconsidering whether NZ is the right place for us.

Are there any expats famlies that could advice? I am interested in average cost of living for a family of 4, are you happy with Auckland living? We should move in the area of Botany Downs / Bucklands Beach / Howick..... Is it easy to find friends? Our kids are very social and have lots of friends, isolationa and lack of little playdates scare me.

Any tips on making the transition the easiest the possible?

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Hi and welcome to the forum...

Check out this site for cost of living  House rentals are very expensive in Auckland.

Read through the many informative posts here too.

Thank you for your response. I tried to read up on it and all I found was how everyone freais out when they get there how expensive it is. If I omit the rent (I know how much it is, did this research prior this) are the other expenses managable?

How long is a piece of string ??

Cost of living is relative to to your lifestyle and can be expensive or as cheap as you can manage to get by on.. You need to factor in transport, medical insurance, schooling etc.
What type of meals do you like to provide for family
Do you eat out
Do you like a beer or wine at night
What type of entertainment

You could perhaps check out supermarket costs on the area where you are looking to  move into.
New World, Countdown and Pak 'n Save are the three to look at with Pak 'n Save being the cheapest.

Work out a budget based on food costs and allow 15% for contingencies on top.

I do not live in Auckland but can feed 2 adults for $180 a week, food cost only.


Thank you for your response. I tried to do Cowntdown ehop and go by 300 dollars a week including household items as well. We are, luckily, not big on going out, have an ocassional glass of wine or a beer, probably once a week.

I was just rather suprised by costs of schools - my Kiwi husband said they are free and 'forgot' about the donations, also about the cost of GP visits - cant believe you have to pay for every visit.... Just suprised that whatever I looked at you need to pay for, I started to joke if you are permitted to breathe for free or you get charged for it as well....


No such beast as 'free' education is NZ.  :(
Doctors costs vary depends in which area you reside. We pay $43 for visit in our area and the next area pay $22.

In other words, 'nothing for nothing'

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