why do brazilians treat the politicians like rock stars

why do brazilians treat the politicians like rock stars

Maybe they're good with an axe

Because they can walk on water! That's. My best gue$$.

I think its more than that

I know some fairly high level people in Partido Trabalhista, and quite a few low level people there as well.  Setting aside any overt corruption, people in PT and other parties tell me that party leaders do their best to get people jobs, etc.  Because Brazil is generally still a poor country and earning a *good* living is not an easy thing here, I think people treat politicians like rock stars because these people are in fact quite powerful in helping a lot of people get jobs (the proper "Quem indicou" is more important than anything else in getting a job here in Brazil).  So, people give narcissistic politicians rock star adulation in exchange for a good Quem Indicou for government jobs, etc.  I might very well be wrong, but this is what the opinions and evidence suggest to me.  Cheers, JMcL

hi jMcL, sound like buying votes,

Sounds like buying votes to me too.  :- )  Cheers, JMcL

Does that mean Brasil Politicians are On Sale and have they got a deal for the people!/lol

Actually, I've asked Brazilians this question directly and the almost unanimous answer is, seemingly paradoxically, "No".  The basic idea is that--unlike in the US--*enemies cannot generally buy politicians*; only friends and family can, although the Brazilian concept of friends and family differs from the Anglo-European-Norh American concept.  JMcL

Politicians, Not for sale,
well unless they have a trust fund, there not, or the kids trust fund, or there Mothers trust fund, or even the dog and cat trust fond,
yes its getting a bit silly now Pete,
Up the worker,s

Yep, I agree with you SpanishPete ... and that's what my Brazilian friends told me: By the time the political guys have enough power to get elected, they already have quite a bit of money ... so they are not so easy or cheap to buy-off.  So, I guess the cycle goes money => political power => more money => more political power => etc. ... but a lot of the political power and money happens before the guys are elected as prefeitos, etc.  JMcL

Still i wont vote for anyone,
because i cant  and no other expat will be able to

Well Pete you are blameless for the fun and games will continue on the people's backs. The Political Gameshows are everywhere.

So there not rock stars?, but game show, "stars"
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