Case processing for family reunification applied in Norway

Thanks for the reply alina4384

Coni123 :

Hi Good evening :) wanted to ask how long was the process until your visa got approve :)

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Mine was 2 weeks. Hope you get an approval fast too! Goodluck!

Coni123 :

Hi Good evening :) wanted to ask how long was the process until your visa got approve :)

takkk og takk

Almost 4 months of waiting.

salamat :)))!

Hi coni123.
I have a schengen visa I applied for residence permit in Lillehammer sept.26,I got an email from UDI that they receive my application Oct.5 and usually takes 6 months to get the result,,Oct.8 I got an email from UDI that I have been granted a residence card and now I am just waiting for the decision letter. my case my husband is a Luthuanian citizen and is working here in Norway to a Norwegian company,but I am applying for a residence card of EU citizen spouse.

Hi Alina4384 I think we are in the same boat in my case i got shocked since it is just also 2 weeks and I already got a result in my case I applied for residence card for family members of EU/EEA citizen.

Gratulerer! :)))  you are very lucky!

Hi does anyone here experience to apply for tourist visa to visit spouse while waiting for family reunification.?

Hei! If you apply a family reunion with your spouse and your spouse(refence person) has a permanent job but the year you apply the income is law because she or he work for example 80percent because of the health situation and live in difficult condition maybe alone with a child, in this situation for example is it possible for udi to look in humanitarian cases to grant a permit for applicant? so my queastion is in the case like this the humanitarian ground it aplies??please if any one.have some.experience about this please help me😊😊

Hi there im  new here in expat and i just want to ask because my partner will file a family reunification for me this February 2018 my question is one of the requirements is to submit all used pages of  my Philippine passport that has stamps on it. I’m aware that Norway wants all the documents to be legalize. In my passport i also have my old US visa and some travels in Asia and US. How do i legalize my used pages of the passport? Can i just bring it to notary public or just simply photocopy all the used pages of my passport and old US visa and submit it with my application?  The other documents like birth certificate and marriage certificate i was able to authenticate it and had it apostille. I tried searching the website of DFA ( department of foreign affairs- philippines) it didn’t say they authenticate the used pages of the passport.  I hope you can advise me on this one.

Thank you so much

I think with regards to passport, just a regular photocopy will do. Anyways you will be submitting the original passport too where they can compare it with to see the authenticity of the photocopies you submitted.

Hi everyone! I just want t ask some opinion. I am going to submit my application for fiancee visa  to the Royal Embassy in Manila this wednesday. Is there is any specific arrangement for all the document before submitting? Do i have to separate and put it in the envelop every type of documents or staple will work too? I'm just concern since it's a lot of different documents.

I hope you can share your own experienced to me! Thanks a lot 😊

just arrange it according to the checklist. I think I read somewhere to not staple the documents.

Just separate your original documents from the photocopy.

Am married and my husband is Norwegian. We have a common child that am living with here in Tanzania who is also a Norwegian holding a Norwegian passport.  I also have another child from my past relationship that I have sole custody for. We applied for family immigration in November 2017. My husband has not yet been interviewed as the UDI states. We just wondering, does any one happen to know how quick could the whole process take before me and my elder son get our permits?
Thank you

Hi everyone,,
Im just wondering we already got married and we arenow going to apply for my visa... Can anyone  help me the step to do it... Im an aupair still in contract, can i submit here in udi oslo my application for family reunification or should i process it in his place. He lives here also in Norway

Hi i apply  for family visa  my wife is norwegian national  i have EU visa so how long is get time to udi answer me  plz tell me someonr

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