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Hi, I'm a student from Thailand studying here in Denmark. I need to earn a bit money to survive and I'm planning to get something from my country to sell it online. Have anybody here has an experience? What are the websites they use here for selling their products? How is the tax calculation for this income? I would appreciate any comments/suggestions from you all. Thanks.

Start reading about the rules on this site: … cation.htm

Then I'll advise you to contact the authority to get green light for your activity as the Danish Immigration Service inforces the rules very strictly. You can call them or email them. I'd prefer at any time a written response. … ervice.htm

I suggest will be what you are looking for. … rendsales-
Den Blå avis You can sell everything here, but the buyers will haggle so I am not sure if the bargain will be in your favour.

If you don't sell for more than 50,000 DKK, you don't have to count with VAT, but your income will be taxable.

You shall also take the custom duties into consideration.

Personally, I am not sure this will be a good way to handle your economical situation. There is already a large import of goods from Thailand. Big companies can probably buy cheaper than you can, and they can keep the shipping costs very low because of economies of scale. Last, but not least, they know what will be of interest to Danes. Some years ago, a young man tried to finance his travel in Thailand by buying some jewelries and sell them here. First of all, he had to pay custom duties because he preferred to send the goods in stead of carrying them with him, and when he tried to sell them he was told that in Denmark they preferred some other shades of the saphires. The final result was an expense, not an income.

My advice to you is that you shall find an employee job (and never, ever work beyond the 20 hours a week you are allowed to do because even a few hours too much will mean that you have breached the rules, and you'll be sent out of the country). It will cause you no problems in relation to any authorities, and you'll know in advance how much income you'll get.


Thank you Nellie for the info. I appreciate your comments but don't worry about the situation. I have been working in sales for my entire life. I won't invest anything until I see clearly the demand and I don't sell things with big volume but value.

Employers here offer mostly 10-15 hours/week, very unsecured income to survive with this alone.

Ok, that's good to know, but promise me that you'll ask the Danish Immigration Service what to do regarding their requirements for the weekly working hours. You may be aware that we are not talking of an average, as you shall be able to meet the requirements every single week.

And do let's know here on the forum, will you?


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