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Am from Western Uganda,36yrs a father of two handsome boys (15 & 13yrs old). They live with my sister in Ebb- Uganda. I have also lived in Croatia before coming to Germany. I came to Germany in May 2016,lived in Grafenwohr (Baveria) but its a small town without opportunities and i even could not a school for german language in that area,life has been hard ever since i arrived here until now,most challenge is that i don't speak duetch,i didn't have a job,accomodation and no money for duetch lessons payment.

On 30-9-2016 i moved to Mainz,a friend got for me some job for delivering posts in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt,was sleeping in a hostel which was expensive for me,after working for 8 days,my boss told me that in some offices where i deliver posts,people are complaining because i don't speak duetch,then she stopped me from working. I kept around looking for jobs,eating one meal in a day,somedays not eating anything,but a few days back,God responded to me and gave me a lager job where i have worked for a week now. Am still struggling because i walk almost 3.5km going to work until when i receive my 1st salary to pay transportation and also look for an apartment. I still have a long way to go because even my current boss is telling me that i must learn the language so when i get salary,i will look for a school for duetch lessons wondering if my salary will be enough for all costs. Anyway the is all i say about my self for now.

Sounds like a tough situation. It is a good example that many foreigners think getting  to a western country means an easy life but this is an illusion, especially if one doesn't speak the language.

The question that comes to my mind is how and why you came to Germany to begin with in such a situation? Maybe it is actually  better to go home.

I guess I know how he came... I think Croatia was only a stage. He didn't work there and was probably accomodate with others refugees... I suppose he is an economic refugee... And we can think also he works illegally, without insurance and contract... And so, impossible to get a flat without official job... So, indeed, the best would be to go back in Uganda...

Steffifi. You are most likely correct but one needs to be careful about speculations. If one is a refugee applicant then they would be getting lots of help. If not, then how did they get to Germany legally without having first lined up a job or arrange to study. Not many scenarios that his story can have any truth without him being here illegally.

Still, it is not for me to judge. But is an important lesson about the consequences of people thinking money grows on trees in western countries. People who want to immigrate simply have to find a way to get enough training that they can offer some jobs skills that are needed elsewhere and then line up a job. This will normally include getting fairly fluent in the language of the country they want to go to. And economic immigrants are a big issue in Europe. There are at least as many as there are valid refugees and they either end up in very bad situations or strain the resources needed for valid refugees.

Dear Easyk,
It is very sorry to hear that you are in such hard  situation. You decided to come and now you realised that reality is quite different from what you expected. I think it is very depresing and hard to accept. I can tell you that the Europien dream is only...a dream what people from  different continents and cultures (like from Africa) do not know, because they have no experience and knowledge about it. Here even being Europien does not mean you will be rich. People (even genuine Germans)  strugle because they can not find a job and they are poor.
if you want to live here you must:
1. Work hard
2. Have job qualifications (mostly high level of education or specific skills which others do not have)
3. Be young, healthy and eager to learn new things all the time
4. Be better than others
5. Be integrated in this particular society even if you do not like it
6. Be punctual
7. Be nice, helpful and kind to your coworkers and clients.
There are many things which you must learn, mostly social life is important and how to fit to a society. And it also needs time, even few or several years until you will learn all and find proper job and earn enough money to rent a flat, pay bills and buy food. And even then propably you will never have a house or a car. Like most Europiens you will live in a block of flats and have 2 rooms. Your succes will be if you will survive. Because this is life, not a fairytail.

I am myself EU citizen and I live in neighbouring country and I also have similiar problem, a question how to fit with my skills to a society and how I will live there even if my futire husband is a  German person.
So the only hope for you is to work hard, do not complain and looking for opportunities everywhere, learning German language, follow the law and...this is how your life will look like. Nothing more.
I wish you good luck and think positive :-)

I think that economic immigrants are good for every country but only in case when they are  highly educated and their work would be very important for economy of this country. Then such economy has chance to  grow. But when a person from outside Germany, and even outside EU came but have only primary education (many propably only can write, it depends of a country of origin) then such country first must invest in years of education to form usefull EU citizen who is able to join to a society. Sad true but if a person have not any skills then can only clean toilets etc. If not then he will live under the bridge as a homeless person :-(

Easyk, what school did you graduate? What can you do? Are you an engenieer, IT specialist, lawyer, painter, baker? I ask because I wonder how to help you.

Thank you all for your concerns. Am legal in germany because am an EU family member and honestly i didn't come here expecting heaven or free money,am a hard working young man who likes to explore. Yes am not highly educated but it doesn't mean that i can't live in germany or it doesn't mean that am useless in germany. Am trying to learn the language and i have hope for a better life  otherwise i was not expelled in my country i can always go back if things do not work for me here. Blessings to you all.

Is it possible that your familly member could help you in the begining? It would help you for a first year untill you will fimd a job for longer and learn the language. :-)

Hmmm. the only EU family member that would give you a right  to be in Germany, unless your parents are,  would be your spouse but everything you have written indicates otherwise.

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