Anybody know where I can source a Dash Cam?


Does anybody know where I can source a Dash Cam either here in Bahrain or in KSA?

For anybody that doesn't know, it's a screen mounted camera that records footage of your driving. It can be useful in the event of an accident to help determine liability..........


It's okay, cancel the request. I've just bought one online from Ubuy

Actually I'm also interested in this, so if anyone has any information, I'd be glad to know.

not sure if they are legal in Saudi (although that might not stop people from using them) but if you are crossing the causeway regularly then they might pick up that you are filming or at least have a mounted camera that could film and pull you for it. They're pretty sensitive about photography at the border crossing itself.

if they aren't legal then using it to prove liability might go against you.

Anyone know?

Hello SS,

I have found evidence of them being used (on other forums) and also of them being soldd (just now!) on … 5049550/i/

Anyway, it's not conclusive but I'm willing to give it a gamble even if the only thing I gain is some very amusing video footage. As for the causeway, I'll probably detach it while I'm on the island so as not to bring unexpected attention.

let's hope it's only amusing...  ;)

You can get a dash cam from Lulu supermarket at Hidd this camera is approved by the polices for capturing information on you accident only

And for us technically/mechanically challenged souls the next question of course is, does anyone know where you can get a dash cam professionally fitted?


What make is your car and the location you live at ?

Hi NB,

It's a Toyota Prado and we live near Saar.


Is it your car or company?if a company you will have to get permission from the company and the lease suppliers .

If it is yours then which year? if it is before 2011 then hidd would be the best


It's my own and it's a 2016 model.


I would drop it back to the supplier and ask them to install, it will be a small cost but it will be correct , also advise your insurance company and you might get a reduction.


Sound advice providing they will do it. I'll give them a bell and find out.


I have been commuting Bahrain/Saudi for a year now with a dash cam fitted and not once been challenged about it. A colleague of mine did get asked to turn his off at one of the booths previously, he complied and no more was said.

Incidentally, I had an accident on the causeway 6 months ago with a young Saudi who was driving recklessly. The police interviewed us, I got the blame, young Saudi was all smiles and laughing .. until I pulled out the dashcam and showed the police officer the footage. Needless to say, blame was quickly shifted to the Saudi and he got a royal bollocking in the process for lying to police.

A Dashcam is essential for any expat I think, just remember to switch off the speed recording.

Hi Chris,

I've been doing the commute for 3 years now and been very fortunate to have avoided any real mishaps, though there have been more than a few close calls. Good to hear that your dash cam got you out of a jam, did you bring it with you or did you buy it locally?


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