Looking to meet some people :)

Hi everyone,

I've been in Dalian about 4 months now and am looking to meet to other local expats. I've a few friends here but they are all either married or work on the weekends. Also work has been hectic, so I haven't had a lot of time to get out much. It's settled down a bit now, so basically I'm just looking to meet new people.

Also if anyone plays football (soccer) here I would definitely up for joining in :)


Steve what's up man I'm a Canadian working at Dongbei University of Fin n Econ for the semester. If you have WeChat toss me an add and we can definitely get together. The English speaking crowd isn't the easiest to come by so I feel your pain hahaha. My Wechat is CanadianGuy2016.



HI Steve,

where do you live in Dalian? I live in Kaifaqu.

Yeah certainly isn't Alex. I will add you wechat!

Chrisse, I pretty much live in the center of Dalian, next to Xi'an Road. Handy for shopping :D

Hi Steve,

There's an event taking place in Shamrocks on the 22nd for Expats to make new friends! … greet.html

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