Electrical Power Cuts

Now I do not know if other parts of Indonesia have frequent power cuts, but here in Bandung they tend to happen at least once every couple of months. And they are so annoying. Usually they only last for two or three hours but on occasion they have been known to last half a day.

When I lived in the tropical paradise of Bali some years ago, I always used a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) between the mains and my computer, and that would usually give me about 45 minutes useage to save data or articles that I was working on before the computer switched off. But these days I don't bother with using a UPS.

Of course aside from the desktops I have a laptop which is essential when I am traveling, but what's the point of that unless I have an internet connection? Well I do have one of those small portable plugin modems and that helps.

We have become so dependent on electricity these days. Beside my computer I have several phone chargers plugged in for various phones, the ipad, Samsung tablets, several external hard drives, a small 30watt Marshall Amp, a mosquito repellent, a battery charger for my cameras, the printer, a specialized scanner and the laptop charger. So many cables to keep our lives going, and that it just in the office.

So when the power cut comes, I just take the family out to the mountains or to a mall or we'll go out for a meal. For me, and i have lived and worked in many countries in Asia and other parts of the world, there are seemingly far more power cuts here in Indonesia, in this beautiful country that I call my home, than in so many other countries.

But do you know what? It's all part of life's experiences and it should never get you down.

Yes power cuts can happen here too.

lukereg :

Yes power cuts can happen here too.

They happen all over Indonesia due to supply problems.
The situation is improving slowly as Indonesia builds new capacity, but we should all try to keep our usage down at all times.
Good for the wallet as well.

Indonesia is addressing this issue, but time will be needed to get it right. … 6_2025.php

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