Marriage in Estonia

Hello everyone,

I'm not EU-citizen,but my girlfriend is Estonian,so we want to get married :) do we have to be in Estonia for that ? I was in Estonia the last month but now I'm not, and when we get married can I move there and get a residency permit ? and what producers should i do for that ?

Thank you.

Hi there, if I understand you rightly you need this marrige for your entrance to europe. Do you think you will find work in Estonia? This will be not easy.

Hi Dittmar,

Actually no,it's not for entrance for Europe,I can apply for tourist visa to Europe at anytime I want,it's just we want to live together and the visa is mostly up to 6 months that's why I want a residency permit,I don't know about work in Estonia,but why it's hard to find one there ?
btw:I have my own business in my country,so mostly I'm not looking for a job there.

Mmm... Strange this message... Indeed, we wonder if you don't want only papers for Europe... To work in Estonia, you must speak the language. Do you speak Estonian??? You must have a marriage visa and you'll probably come back in your country in waiting your resident visa. It takes several months and your spouse will have to prove she has enough money.

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You do NOT have to speak Estonian to work in Estonia.  Getting a residency permit was difficult for me--had to go back to the Bureau five times before they accepted my paperwork, but I know of others who said they were in Estonia because the women were pretty and, snap, they got their residency permit.  I taught English as a foreign language and was a substitute teacher at The International School of Estonia--I have a college degree, Master's in Education, with all of the documentation, and had a contract with Tallinna Laagna Gümnaasium and STILL had a nearly impossible time getting my Residency Permit.

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