how much fee for renew aqama

My visa is كهرباي موباني building electrition. I want to know how much my renew aqama fee ??? Any body tell me ??

The normal iqama renewal fees only 650 + 100 for labor card , so a total of 750. how ever for the labor card depending on the status of your company you might pay 2400 additional levy as well.

:lol: HRGuru, I guess he is worried about the rumors about of elevation of fees.

There are some fake documents and lots of hearsay. Nothing yet guys, stay relaxed.

:D  :D  well its normal.......we had a queue in office last week from staff to get ERE's and Visit Visas before the rates went high   :)

All is changed as per the August government notification for visa and exit/reentry !! We have already got the notification for the same. However, the prices which had been mentioned in the Media aren't the same :)

So now even employee can get exit re-entry upto date of expiry of iqama???

For example a one year exit re-entry?

No @gunner, it was and still will be in the hands of employers. There was no restriction on ERE duration even before.

Can u please qoute the prices , if the ones presented in media were incorrect.

drsidd :

Can u please qoute the prices , if the ones presented in media were incorrect.

What prices? ERE? Check the newspaper of today: … visa-fees/

Thanks for the link
But , what about single entry visit visa , for people not going for umrah/haj.

3,000 multiple entry for 6 months
5,000 multiple entry for 1 year
8,000 multiple entry for 2 years

These are all multiple entry visas.
there is no clause for single entry visit visa.

Because it won't be available anymore.

Ok...thanks for the info.

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