National ****Institute or N***Saudi Arabia

Hi there i'd like to get comments from other teacher's experiences at this place. I worked there for six months and really it was the biggest joke on the planet.

It's supposed to be the latest and greatest attempt by Aramaco to get their young guys educated and doing something. I am very doubtful they'l get then doing anything at all.

They are the laziest students I have ever seen and the entire place is run more like a prison than an educational institute. The students blank refuse to do any work and have the worst attitude I have seen in any country ever.

If teachers actually discipline the students as they are supposed to, the students complain to their supervisors then the teachers get fired. And then they wonder why the teachers don't discipline the students properly!

As a teacher your hands are tied. There are disciplinary procedures to follow but it actually backfires if you do what you are told.

Also lets not forget, the students I'm talking about are 20 year old men!!! They are not actually kids, but their attitude is like that of utterly spoilt 5 year old children.

Enough of me -------- over to you!!!

P.S - I didn't mention ILL because they are in another thread. I want this to be more about the actual training institute. Thanks  :) And yes I don't recommend anyone goes to work there.

Look man I work for the military here and it's the same with Saudi military cadets and they cant do anything. This entire country including every TVTC University etc. is basically like this. It's why this country regardless of whatever crackpot newspaper is saying here is going down. They're running out of money prices are going up fees are being introduced and going up. And the Saudis acting like it's their parenst generation and they can get away with this. At some point in the next 5 years the rubber is going to meet the road and some kind of major breakdown is going to occur, whether it's a military invasion of some sort or the oil infrastructure finally collapses due to low prices. This country is toast. It will be a few more years before the complete shit hits the fan but it's going to happen rather soon. Yes, the children here and I mean 18-30 year old children are going to be getting a real dose of reality real soon. Some foreigners have already left. The hospital I go to is on strike. The major construction companies aren't paying their low wage slaves that actually do the work here. It's still tolerable this year but in two to three only the utterly desperate will still be here in my opinion. Wages are going down. Jobs are being trimmed. The economic iceberg is coming through and it's going downhill. Im sure N** is right in teh middle of it and I haven't heard goo dthings about them other than that it's new. SSDD will catch up to these beduions soon enough.

Yeah, I was wondering. I actually worked at a military base before. The cadets were equally idiotic, however there was good back up from the officers at this particular place. So the discipline could be enforced a little bit at least.

What is more astounding at this N** place, is the lack of back up from supervisors. The students opinion is valued over and above the teacher's.

So it really is almost impossible to get anything out of the students because they believe they are untouchable.

I saw a few cases of teachers being fired in their first week because they tried to implement discipline on the class and the students complained. The students word was taken over the teacher's and they were fired.

The only thing the "trainees" react well to is fear. And to be honest I can't be bothered trying to scare twenty year old men into doing work every lesson. It's just pathetic.

And how do you implement that fear if they think they can get you fired by complaining?? Catch 22 of the century!!

And as for the country collapsing. These people who are used to getting everything handed to them on a plate are gonna get one hell of a shock!

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