Hungarian Cleaning Materials

When in Hungary you might not be able to find UK brand name cleaners so easily, especially if you are living in the countryside. Yes, you could travel to the nearest village/town or city when doing a "big shop", but even then UK brand name cleaners might not be available or might be too expensive whereby you are forced to use Hungarian brand name cleaners. Here are some of the cleaners I use - What do you use and/or recommend?


Flóraszept Konyhai Zsíroldó 750 ml
Kitchen Degreaser
759 Ft

Well Done hideg zsíroldó 1000 ml
Cooker/Oven Degreaser
899 Ft

Pronto Extra Care 5in1 Aloe Vera Furniture Cleaner 500 ml
Wood Furniture Cleaner
1,129 Ft

Kék Csoda
Drain Unblocker
810 Ft
Eg-Gü Kék csoda lefolyótisztító granulátum 500g. 10 db-tól -5% (bruttó 399 Ft/db) - HÁZTARTÁSI WEBÁRUHÁZ *** VÁSÁROLJON OLCSÓBBAN - MERT VELÜNK PÉNZT TAKARÍTHAT MEG! *** Háztartási termékek minden üzletláncnál olcsóbban! ***


Varázs Ablaktisztító 500 ml
260 Ft

Adrienn Vízkőoldó 1 Liter
250 Ft

Padlófelmosó Koncentrátum 1000 ml
280 Ft

Don't forget the Hypo!
Cheap and strong will take the "chrome off the bumper"!

petercori :

..... Here are some of the cleaners I use - What do you use and/or recommend...

Can you say which are the good ones in the list?

I use white vinegar with water to wash my windows and mirrors.We Dislike chemical smells so much.
Hypo kills just about any germ on the planet, just be sure not to wear anything you don't want to ruin in case of spills. Baking soda is good too for scrubbing the sinks and tub.
I also use the cheap and easy mix of washing soda sold dry here in HU.
Again all chemical smells bother us.
Makes me think of my mom who disinfected the WC each and every day with Lysol, the whole house was cleaned in that stuff, a second runner up from Hypo.
Having kids at different ages in the house she was always scrubbing the floors and WC.
Our house smelled like a hospital but no one ever got seriously ill with infections.

We clean the glass of our wood burning stove with ash from the stove with a small spray of water and then use newspaper to polish. We then use the newspaper to start the fire the next time.  Works a treat.

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