Mahogany Bay

Anybody heard anything about mahogany bay by where the Hilton built those hotels at the southern end of Ambergris Caye?  They are supposed to have lots for sale.

We own just down the road from Mahogney Bay and actually looked at property there several times.  The development is beautiful>!  Lots of "nay-sayers" in the beginning, saying it wouldnt withstand hurricanes etc.  but  we were there day after the hurricane and did not see damage at all. 
The complex is establishing small businesss on the grounds, coffee shops, a general store and a beautiful   very high class conference center to attract guest at the hotel/rentals. and definitely in the realm of a Hilton in the tropics.
I havent checked the prices recently, but I know without a doubt I should have bought there two years ago!

If you've not been to Ambergris, the location, I think is great.  Close enough to town, but out of the hustle and bustle!

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