Places to travel and activities to try

Been in Kuwait for three weeks almost. I want to use my financial gain from living and working here to the fullest and vacation my butt off.

I'm wanting suggestions for:

1- places to travel to for short weekends Christmas breaks spring breaks and summer vacations.

2- Things to try while at those places.

No suggestions is a bed suggestions.

😃I enjoy nature activities being outside and love a great pampering session from time to time. Not a foodie or shopper.🙄

Hi there! I've been here for almost 3 months. are you just looking for activities outside of kuwait?

Oh no,  both in Kuwait (if any) outside Kuwait. :)

For me Oman was the best destination in the vicinity, especially if you enjoy outdoors. Check it out, nature is beautiful, and make sure you visit both Muscat and Salalah (something I have yet to do).

I have also heard that Iran is an amazing place.

Museum of Islamic art in Doha i worth visiting.

Well in Kuwait there are plenty of activities to do, just enroll in these sites:



You will surely thing an activity that suits you.

As for travel, I was in Amman this weekend. Petra and The dead sea is a must, and it wont cost you much.

Also, try visiting Lebanon if you like outdoors/nature/beach stuff.

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