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Hi, guys.

I am a citizen from the Philippines. I have just graduated from a known university in our country, and I hope to find a way to stay in Germany longer than the usual 3 max months allowed for a Schengen visa. I hope to find a way to work and live long there.

I will be going to a conference in early January, and hope to go and see my close german friend in Munich.

Hope you can give some advice regarding this.


I'd recommend you read the topics already posted in the forum, as many have had the same ambitions and have asked the same questions, which have been answered many times already

Thank you very much, Sir!

I appreciate your help!

Your only realistic chance is finding a job in Germany and getting a work permit.
German language skills are key to finding a job.


Language is not a problem for me. I know basic german.

I just want to know how I would be able to find work in germany, if ever I am from a foreign country.

Thanks, man

If your German is good enough to work in a German-speaking office, hold presentations in German and discuss technical topics with German customers or suppliers, then you can just check the usual German job boards (e.g. Stepstone) and apply directly. Any associated language certificates proving your skills (minimum B1, as A1 and A2 are really only basic beginners level) would be helpful.
As a non-EU-citizen, you will still be at a disadvantage compared to Europeans, but at least you have a chance.
Without good language skills, you are limited to the much smaller and harder to find English job market and your luck depends on having niche skills that are hard to find among Europeans and finding an employer who needs and values them.
There are already many posts on this forum giving good advice about job search in Germany. Perhaps you want to read those, too.

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