Trying to conceive. Any gynecologist / Specialist in Riyadh?

Can anyone suggest a good gynecologist/specialist Dr in riyadh who can help  to conceive. Married for 3 yrs but no goodnews yet tried many Drs but root cause not known yet. New to Riyadh plz suggest me a good Dr...

Dr. Poonam in Olaya Medical Center Riyadh. Believe me she is exactly what you need.

Try Duriah Medical Center in Takhasussi, specialized doctor there with good result history.

Thanks for info

Gw_K :)

Hi,  try our facility at DR. Sulaiman Al Habib in KHURAIS Branch. We have an IVF clinic who help the couple who is trying to conceive.
Good luck!

Thanks for info...could u plz let me know the cost of ivf there.
R u Dr in that hospital.

Hi Gw, I recommend Dr. Abdulla Saleh
Saleh he is a British IVF Obstetrics & Gynecologist with over 25 yrs experience in IVF , previously he was in King Fahad medical city before working in the UK ,now you can find him in Thuriyah medical centre ,
He is the best ,
Try to not to stress about this issue as stress and tension will can have a negative effect on your body
Wish you the best of luck

I woul recommend Dr. Sathya in Alfalah Hospital Ghubaira.

Dr. Shakira Parvin In Sulaiman Al Habib hospital Olaya branch

depends on your range and choice of clinics. do you prefer hospital based Gynecologist or specialized fertility clinics. have you tried all famous specialist clinics like salman habib, Samir abbas, durriyah, and where I tried with my wife, talal mirdad on takhassusi road. in talal mirdad there is very experienced Gynecologist dr. salma jaffer, check there.......and if you find some thing new and proper share with me. we are also in the same search.

Dr. Elizabeth of al jafel i have heard a lot of good feedbacks about her

Hi.. Just want to ask if thuriah is better that obaid in terms of ivf?

ഡോ. Elizabeth will refer you to thuriah and this place as far as I know has a good track history and they are very specialized in this area.

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