Advice for Airport Job. Look online or come there?

Good Morning,

I am seeking your advice.

My name is Mohamed, I am 29 years old. I was working with QATAR AIRWAYS in Doha Airport for more than 02 years. and before that I had experience in Dubai and Tunisia in retail field.
I am now in Tunisia and I want to move to Turkey to live and work there.
I already started applying in different companies there.
I want your advice if it is easy to get job online and come to turkey for interview or I have to come there as a tourist and look for a job there,
if I get job offer and have tourist visa how can I get a Work Permit and how long it takes.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Dear Mohamed,

find a job in Turkey is possible but not easy. Try first by applying online before deciding to come to Turkey. Work permit  can be issued by your new employer in about 1-2 month depending on the size of the employer.


Greetings Hatem,

Mohammed actually framed the question, exactly how i wanted to.

I am an electrical engineer currently residing in Saudi Arabia, hoping to make a permanent move to Turkey. I have worked with MNC's for more than 4 years now. Specializing in oil & gas sales and service.

And as u mentioned, i have been applying to online jobs. 3 months in, i still havent got a single call-back.

Do you think its a good idea to find recruiters? Will they be able to help me find a suitable job?

There are plenty of openings coming y way, but i guess being a foreigner not residing in turkey, it might actually discourage the company to look further.

I feel the problem is that, i cannot showcase myself as an individual. And i hope a recruiter can help me get in touch with the right people?

Your feedback and suggestions is highly appreciated.


Dear Mishal,

Try to establish links with recruiters from Linkedin and send them your CV.


okai.. thanks.

Will try that route.


Hi Mohamed;
I'm working at aviation industry too. I want to give brief info about situation of aviation industry  in Turkey, it may be helpful.
Flag carrier company Turkish Airlines and private Pegasus  Airlines ordered hundreds of aircraft last years and also hired a lot of staff but unfortunately the war in Syria and some economical issues forces them to reduce the flight frequencies. It caused them to resign people. So nowadays people who worked for airlines looking for new opportunuties. The most advanteous people in aviation industry are captain pilots and licenced and type rated aircraft engineers. But for the licenced engineers the salaries are less than middle east companies. So most of the people applying to middle east countries.  I have Tunisian friends worked together in international company 5 years ago. They both are working in Qatar nowadays and they are happy there. If you are technical person engineer or technician i advice you to stay in Qatar or move to Abu Dhabi or Dubai for better prices.
I hopemy answer will be helpfull.

Consider before coming here .Find a job is ot easy for foreigns.Unemployoment is not low here.

My suggestion is... its more easy to apply here... you get resident permit its validation is one year you can look for a job and then when you get you can apply for working permit...

Hey everyone,

@maki25 and others here....

What is the procedure and documents required, if i want to apply and get a resident permit,,


Hi All;
please do not work with third natural persons and/or legal persons

here is the link for your questions:

required documents:

Fro short term residence permit: … ermit.aspx

Regarding actions and procedures on foreigners, Directorate General of Migration Management does not work with third natural persons and/or legal persons. However, recently, the number of false documents in residence permit applications submitted to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management has increased and it has been determined that those applications are mostly made by persons or companies working for a certain fee. Please, make your residence permit applications in person and do not rely on third natural persons or legal persons.

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You can also check turkish embassy website... and look about how to get resident permit... so you can learn more...

Hi All;
As government warns the people I want to repeat: PLEASE DO NOT WORK WITH THIRD NATURAL PERSONS AND/OR LEGAL PERSONS! , not go to any agency (but if you have lots of money to waste you may choose, of course)

here is the government link for your questions:

required documents:

Hi Maki,

Could you let me know the name of the Agency, please ? If you don't mind :)

Thanks much x

For everyone who's concerned,

As suggested, I would highly recommend NOT approaching a third party for work/residence permit.

It is advisable to visit the govt website directly.
Good luck

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