Taking business equipment to Mauritius

Hi there, I will be opening a business in Mauritius and would like to know if I can bring my work equipment (mainly cafe equipment) to Mauritius. Its all second hand…. Will it be subjected to duties that will make it more expensive than buying new equipment there? Please help :-)

Hi Tracy

You are allowed to bring your 'business' equipment, even if they are second hand.
For this, you will need to have proper paper work, like invoices, proof of ownership etc.

The duties are normally between 15% - 30% (and some can be duty-free)  but I would suggest that you check the Mauritius Revenue Authority's website ( or alternatively get in touch with a Freight forwarder who will definitely have the relevant information & figures.

All the best in your new venture.

Thank you Nadeem, I appreciate your advice. I will google for a freight company and get the necessary info. Thanks again, Tracy

Hi Tracy

The advices of Nadeem are always straightforward and precise. ;)

I understand that you have already obtained all the necessary permits from the BOI?



Dear Tracy,
If ever you will need any details from concerning freight forwarding for any importation or export please feel free to contact me as am in same sector i can give you idea my friends

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