looking for part time job

Hello everyone,
I am Syrian lady living in Malaysia since more than one year. currently, I am working as a teacher but actually the school isn't paying well. I got really financially broken, spent all my savings. I need a part time job even temporary. I am good at computer, I have English Literature degree, I have experience in customer service, translation and administrative work. I am OK with temporary job like organizing your library, archiving and organizing your papers, typing on computer. please if anyone knows about any vacant job, send me message.
thank you

You might well find something here … la-lumpur/

or you can post your cv in the hope of attracting an employer.

thank you

salam Selia,

I'm Omar, Egyptian.
How can I contact you to help ?
best regards

thank you so much, I really appreciate your reply


Please send me your email on my below email


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hi Selia,

you might want to have a part time business on your own, online is pretty convenient way to earn extra dime nowadays. Since you have more experience to offer, why not use them to your advantage.

hope you all the best!

thank you for replying, what kind of online work I should look for....

Hi Selia,
If you are still looking, I am expanding in Asia and looking for market researcher for part time/contract based in Kuala lumpur. If you are interested, send your resume to hani[at] or if you have any questions call me at 6011-21144468. To get more information on my company go to

thank you, I have sent you the CV

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Are you still looking for part time job?

Looking for someone to help me setup appointments and generate sales.


hi , I am interested and looking for a part time job.

Hi everyone,

@ Parth1234,

Could you please drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website ?

- Jobs in Kuala Lumpur

Thanks in advance,

Hi Parth

Please message me and connect with me as soon as possible.


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