Danang coastline becoming over developed?

There is a lot of construction along the coastline from the Hyatt to Hoi An and much of it being built  precariously close to the shoreline.

Is Danang destined to repeat the same mistakes developers made in Hoi An by over developing there and causing rapid beach erosion?

It will be interesting to see if sufficient numbers of tourists will come to Danang to justify so much construction.

btw, what's the deal with all the people riding their motorbikes along the beach?

Yes, it is an enormous number of new hotels/condos currently being constructed and it is hard to see where all the tourists will come from to occupy all this new property. Another major concern is that almost no space seem to be allocated for parking of tourist buses / cars, so if the tourists do indeed come we can look forward to a traffic mess of new dimensions as well!

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