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Hi there everyone, I need to decide if I will move with my furniture to Mauritius, or whether I should just buy stuff when I get there. I hear that the taxes to move stuff into Mauritius is very high. Do you have any experience of this or any advise? Thank you in advance :-)

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Till members provide you some feedback, i suggest you read the following thread, you : 

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Household belongings can be classified as personal belongings if they are in your ownership for more than one year. As far as I remember, if you have a residence permit (tied to an Occupation Permit or work permit), you can get duty concessions.

One of my clients is actually in this process. She has been on the island under a permit for some time now and we contacted authorities to know the rate of tax applicable on the import of household furniture. We were informed that it classified for duty-free.

This could be a hint for you.


Hello Tracy,
Another source of info will be the removal firms in Durban that deal with Mauritius. Ask a couple of them on what items you have exemptions (import duties and taxes) and who is their custom agent in Mauritius. A piece of advice: please bring every thing that you can - you are hiring a container :-) . Yes you can buy new ones in Mauritius but they may not be the quality that you are looking for and quality imported goods are expensive ... personal experience!
Unfortunately you cannot bring your bottles of wine; duty is quite high  :(
P.S. Plug / Socket types used in Mauritius: … d-sockets/

There are no customs duty of personal belongings. But be careful, it does say personal belongings. If you are a couple, you cannot bring 5 beds!

There are restrictions on certain items such as toys and garden stuff, if I recollect correctly the presentation of my service provider.

Word of advice, leave this to the professionals. Relax, sit down and let them handle this as long as you can pay them. Else, contact Customs.


Thank you so much Nadeem, Cyrun and Gawesh, i really appreciate your advise and guidance. It is good news that there is no duty on personal items :-). Now i just have to get my head around the incredible expense of the actual move. Quotes are about UDS8000 for a small container. Wow, I need to get my head around these prices lol. Any further advise is welcome. Thank you all once again :-) xx

Always the question on whether or not to bring personal items is how long are you staying in Mauritius as the Revenue Authority if they do give you allowance on import duty the items have to remain in your possession for a number  of years. You may find that if you were to leave Mauritius within the allowance timescale and did not account for everything you took back from Mauritius you could face a bill for taxes.  It does help also to have an import broker in Mauritius as the paperwork and formalities of getting your personal effects checked for duty are not easy in Mauritius an these people also have vehicles for delivery of your container to your residence.  Another piece of advice is to create a 'manifest of goods'  that is a list of what is in each box and the approximate value. This will be good for the revenue authority as they will know mostly what you are bringing to Mauritius in each Box.  You should have at least three copies of the manifest , i think the Revenue authority may keep one on file , you would need one to keep for yourself and also the import broker should have a copy as sometimes they may have to offload the container to smaller vans because of where you live some roads in Mauritius cannot be accessed by a truck with a container on it.

Thank you for your advise Leslie. My initial plan will be to be in MRU for three years and then see if I get my occupancy permit converted to residency….. This move seems so complicated - more than the emotional stress of moving to another country. :-).

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