Private Daycare or Montessori around Marsascala?

Hi All,

I am currently living in Marsascala, Malta and just moved here a month ago with my 2 kids and giving birth to my 3rd any day now. My son is turning 2 in October and I really need to find in a daycare. My issue is, I've seen 3 and although the staff seem great and the curriculum as well... the environment is just extremely over stimulating with noise all the time and a lot of children in small spaces. They are pretty much flats turned into daycare centers :/. As I will be paying for the daycare and am not part of the free scheme, does anyone know of a private daycare or Montessori?

Any help is so much appreciated!!!

Hi I live in Marsascala too, my 2 year old son started Little treasures at the beginning of the week.  He only goes two mornings just now but I totally agree with what your saying about the over stimulation and environment, I queried this yesterday with the owner and was told things would quieten down in the next few weeks as they have 15 new children 😳 And once they have settled the environment will be different, I'm not totally sure she knew what I was talking about. For us it was the best option at the time and the staff do seem nice and caring, however  I would definitely be interested in a Montesori nursery or one where the approach is used, I'm not sure such a thing exists here in Malta though

Hi Vikki!

I viewed that one before the 15 kids left and it was just as I described and what you must also notice even with the new 15.  She told me the 15 were leaving so I asked if that meant there would be less kids but she assured me more were coming in..  Really hoping we can find an alternative.  If i learn of anything else more calm or quiet I will pass it along to you.

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