how can i avail kindergeld?

im living in the Philippines with my 8 yo son. hes father was a German national. he was acknowledged by his father too. how can i avail a child benefit? how would i know if my son registered in Germany? can i apply in Germany embassy in manila? papers to be needed? ty pls help.

Hi - not sure whether you're entitled to claim Kindergeld; there is a German Government website (in English), that may help you.

Best of luck.

Ty its seems so but i keep on trying.ty

There seems to be some confusion about terms here. Kindergeld in Germany is a benefit from the government to parents to support the cost of having a kid. It is for families legally living in Germany. What you seem to be asking about is child support – something different. Even if the father has admitted his position you will need to get him to sign legal documentation certifying this. This is easier said than done if he doesn’t want to pay. In such a conflict it will probably be needed to be medically established that he is really the father through a paternity DNA test.

Like I mentioned; all possible if he cooperates. Otherwise, one will probably need a lawyer to get an injunction on him for child support. If you do get a court order saying he is liable for child support then this can be enforced from overseas, assuming he is findable and has a stead residence and income.

The amount he will have to pay will depend on his income. If he makes too little, then you will get nothing. Even well earning doctors in Germany, for example, have been able to get away with very low payments because they were legally contractors to a hospital and not permanent employees. Thus they argued that they had no job security and could theoretically make little if the job situation changed. This is something I know from first-hand experience.

You should contact the local German consulate about this. They should be able to say how to facilitate such a situation.

Thank you tom. Its better if he is the one to do it there but he dont have time. He is always relocate in different country.

As Tom said, "Kindergeld" is a child benefit paid by the government and you are only eligible if you and the child live in Germany.
The father might be required to pay child support or maintenance to the child. To get this, first his fatherhood must be legally certified in Germany or Philippines. Then you must sue him for child support in the country he resides. You'll need a lawyer in that country to do this. If he frequently moves, it might be very difficult or impossible to be successful.

One has to differentiate between Kindergeld which is child benefit and child supportfor which the man involved needs to be officially recognized as the father's child. Is his name on the birth certificate? If not, as others have said, you will need to involve a lawyer to sue for DNA testing.
If the father is officially recognized as the child's father and is NOT paying the support you will need to sue him for that too. That is fairly standard and due to changes in the law in the last 4 years international paternity suits are usually successful, depening on the what the father earns.
Do you now the official address of the father?
Child benefits are only given under certain conditions. One of them being that the child and the person in charge of the child are registered in Germany or inside the EU. Your chances  of getting child benefit are basically zero.

Child support from the father possibly, depending on his income.

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