Dear Member.
Am currently living in Zanzibar and planing to move to Sudan next few month.
have got a job and they will offer around 800$/month as a take home, offer house/apartment.
Please advise if this amount can allow me to live peacefully in kahrtum and save some.

Will appreciate for your kind support.

Try www.numbeo.com for cost of living.

Hi there

Ntalaluka will you receive your salary in USD or Sudanese pounds ?? This will make a big difference in everything. Banks USD is about 6,6 SDG & black market SDG is about 15,4 which is used more for obvious reason & even official buy USD when they need bcz of monopolism.


Thank you for your reply.

They will pay 1100$ including apartment. Will this allow saving and spending. Thanks for those who already replied.

You still didnt tell me if you will get is USD or equivalent SDG this is very important. If your getting USD you have control over how you change to SDG.

How will you get your salary cash or do you have to open a bank or a bank in your country ?

I am sorry for being persistent but it makes a big difference in salary so different life style also

Appreciate for your time.
Will be getting in USD AND CASH...


then thats good
The total will be about 15500 SDG
You need about 6000 or 7000 for rent if you want furnished flat in expensive areas there is less of course. if you save on rent you save  alot
Other expenses is not more than 3 to 4k. Transport is not very good here so i hope they will give you a car or have any kind of transportation.

Any specific question pls ask

Hi there!

How are you? I am currently working in Saudi Arabia but I am about to receive my work visa from Khartoum. I am offered 1000 USD + 100 USD food allowance. Accommodation will be provided by the company.

I heard that the salary is based on the USD in the black market. Is this true? Black market range are more than doubled in the regular bank range.

Please help me in terms of my future ins Sudan. Will my 1000 USD be converted to the black market prices or the regular?

Thank you so much.

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