A Buyer in Malta...

Hi, I'm Jacopo, next week I'm going to Malta for a couple of weeks.
I'm living in Milan, Italy, and as happen in life, I'm trying to follow new paths in a stimulating environment as Malta.
How is life there?
First of all I have to find a job!
I've been working in pharmaceuticals  as buyer for more than 15 years, I've an overall knowledge of business and very good attitudes in negotiations and in relationship with supplier.
Two meetings have been set whith two different recruiting agency, but It's not much. My project is to find out if the offer in terms of salary, is in line with the standard of living, I think the right place could be in a Pharmaceutical company. Another project is to open a Trattoria Italiana, small but delicious! I'm keen on cooking.

I'd be very happy if something positive could be happen and delighted to knowing experienced people to meet and to swap information.

Thank you a lot.

Jacopo Tuzzi

P.S.: I'm working on my English now!

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