Malaysia for study and fun

My name is Alaa from Jordan, and I'm PhD student in Malaysia, I have been here for my master to, I like the place and the people and willing to visit as much as I can in east of Asia. Although I'm not that good with spicy food but I like the food here and I like the nature and even the city life of asia.

Welcome to malaysia! Well youre in for a good time, you can move around easily by the train systems (KTM) or buses in KL city to avoid the traffic. Be careful when dealing with taxis. The landmarks to visit would be KLCC Twin Towers, KL tower, the National Museum and the new Istana king's palace. You could also visit Putrajaya for some site seeing of the goverment and legal side of Malaysia. The best food to try would be traditional malay food which you can find at any market area, such as chow kit or kampung melayu. Have fun!

Any suggestions to do or visit inKuching? I have four nights?

hi there, maybe you have already been to kuching

but many tourists like to visit the national park

when i was there i just enjoyed walking around and try different food


Thank you :)

you are welcome, so have you been to kuching yet?
melaka, where i live, is another great place to visit :-)

Yes I have visited the place and it was fun :), I didnt visit melaka yet but I will put it in my future plans for sure :)

cool, i have been to most places in malaysia. and i have no regrets over my decision to settle here in melaka. let me know if you come here and i might be able to give you a small tour of the town.


Penang is also absolutely amazing!

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