US Citizen system virtualization Engineer want to move to NZ. How?

Hi, I am Jad from LA California. I am looking for an opportunity in New Zealand, moving because I want to have the best for my wife and 2 Year old, I am a Systems virtualization Engineer (VMware, VDI, HyperV). I am a US Citizen, Just Curious how I should start this Process. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you. Jad.

Hello Jad and welcome to :cheers:

You could browse through our Living in New Zealand guide as well as browse through threads in the New Zealand forum to gather informations about the latter.


Hello, Thank you so much for accepting me, and Providing the links... Truly Thankful... I really thought this process would be hard because people tend to not mingle with other Humans on an average day. I am surprised to the the amount of info and people who love to provide feedback and assistance.... This Site I believe Brings people together, United, and your site also gives the Glimmer of Hope that people see when relocating... Do what you Do best, Continue with your Success, I wish nothing but the success for this Site.

My Respects,
Jad, :) :D

Hi there--
The simplest way is find a job before you get here and have your employer sponsor you through the immigration process.
It is not an easy or guaranteed process any way you look at it. We used an immigration consultant and his services were worth their weight in gold.
NZ does not have its arms spread wide open welcoming new folks to immigrate here.
Best of luck!

Hi Blaj,  thank you for your reply.  Is it common for Employers to sponsor Expats? How did you transition to NZ? Any information would really help. Thank you in advance.

Have you tried - based on your area of specialization? They will most certainly scrutinize based on your skills and experience, but surely once you are able to prove your skillset, I know they can the same way they did for me from the UK

awesome. Thank you so much for the reference. How long have you been in NZ, if you like to share that with me?

Thank you.

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