Filipina in Shenzhen looking for friends

hello everyone im new here in shenzhen.. is there any other filipino's whose also working here? or not even a filipino :) hoping to find friends. thanks . :D  :D

Hello! Welcome to Shenzhen!

Hi....I'm visiting here for now but planning to stay. I'm filipino/canadian and I am also looking for new friends from the philippines. I am in Boa-an if,  you're interested to meet.


hi there i'm interested mam what is your mobile #

Hi. My name is shahriyar. And my wechat is xxx

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Hi, I have been living in Shenzhen after 2 years in Manila, but seems I didn't read this post quite in time... So anything's changed?

Hi I'm a girl new to Shenzhen too. If you'll like to chat or hang out I can send you my wechat ID.

Hi, I'm a young British guy living in Hong kong, where a lot of my friends are Filipino. 

I will be moving to Shenzen in the next few weeks, and am always happy to meet Filipinos.  We tend to get on well.

Please PM me if anyone is interested.

Hi everyone,i have just recently moved to yingtan and looking for any friends to hang out with.

Hi deb,

I am also in shenzhen, PM me if you want to go out for weekends.

Regards - MS

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