Seeking babysitting job in Luanda

Where are those kind employer seeking for a babysitting, i badly needed a job, i loved to work here in Luanda, but if not to find one, i might get back to my mother land. please help me.

Hello mai17 :cheers:

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You could consider droping an advert of your job hunt under the babysitting field of our Jobs offers in Luanda section of the site.


Hi sir kenjee, thank you very much, are they still open?..i already have posted on it. and i was waiting for reply soon. God bless and Best regards.

Now i check the job offers, sadly there is no match or advertisement about it.

Hello ms mai, i am also a filipina soon to be working in Luanda, tanong lang sana ako sis talaga bang safe ang Luanda?1 st time ko kasi to work..thanks im haidz by d way!! ngayon, di natin
masabi na safe tayo being stranger here...ang pwede natin gawin, lagi mag ingat at alerto sa lahat ng pinuputahan natin...

hi miss pieces, do i know you?..

ingat palagi, sa lahat namn ng place may danger, even in our own mother land.....basta ingat lang

Hello all

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