Looking for someone for shower enclosure and a plumber

Buen día a todos,
We have recently moved here permanently from Canada. Finding it a bit difficult to find good tradesmen.
Can anyone recommend someone for shower enclosures? Also, we brought a water filtration system from Canada and need a plumber to connect.
Thanks in advance for reading this post.
BTW, it would be great to meet some fellow expats to hang with. Any events or hangouts happening?

Not sure what type of shower enclosure you are talking about, and where you are at. But 99.9% of the homes and hotels have ceramic tiling. And all of them have been installed by local craftsmen. And I can assure you that some of the work is better than in Canada. As for the water softener or filtration system you brought, same answer 80% of the upper quality homes in Mexico have such systems, and they work just fine. Talk to contractors, hardware store, hotel managers or hotel maintenance personnel, they will point you in the right direction. But please do not say that there is no good craftsmanship in Latin America. It is just as bad as saying all people from the Okanagan are useless whining snobs.

Yes .... where ae you.  Mexico is large

Wow, I'm not sure why you are so sensitive about the tradesmen here. I simply said we are having a hard time finding them,  as we are new to Cancun. The ones that we have found tend to do what they do by chance not specialists. As the title of the post should have said, we are looking for someone who is really good at glass and aluminum shower enclosures. The tile in our home was installed by master tile guys that the architect uses, but he figured his design could do away with the enclosure. In practice though, we seem to not be able to keep the floors from getting wet.

Thanks for responding though, I am sure that if you had some good tradesmen to recommend, you would have done so.

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, I assumed that this was a Cancun forum. I will for sure make it clear that we live in Cancun near Cumbres in my next inquiry.

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