Illegal business by my neighbour.

I am staying in Leuven for past 2 years. A Few months back a neighbor moved in the flat beside my studio.
And I am sure they are running an illegal food delivery business. The girl is a student from a Non-EU Asian country and the guy is on dependent visa.
Initially, I didn't mind, but now their business has grown and they have hired(a friend) a help, so it's constant noise of blenders, vacuum cleaner, and cooking. On the weekends it is worse. And it has made me crazy. I have tried to tell them and my landlord but to no permanent solution.
I am pretty sure they are not giving any tax for their venture neither their business is registered. Moreover, I think it is not even allowed to run a business from a residential house.
So can you please tell me where I can register a complaint regarding this?

There is no dedicated English website. The easiest way is to get in touch via the Flemish regional office of the Labour Inspectorate of the region where you live. You can find more easily people speaking English rather than Walloon websites.

Thank you for your reply. Is there any website where I can report that they are running an illegal business?

No, just contact them. They will note your complaint and send some inspector for verification

I would imagine this is also a local police issue.

Hey Vicky, How did this turn out finally ? Did you contact the authorities ?

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