Love Walking..Make a small garden on your at every one

World is so small
Life is so short
people live with ego, grudge, anger..
tablets for sleeping tablets for waking up
Many thinks the world will not survive without them
But there are more than 10000 cemetries filled with people who thought the same!
plant a tree
make a garden where ever you can
even in your balcony
Always walk do not use car or any easy methods
Say good about every one ,
Make the other people shy about telling gossip about us
Do good and God will do good to you
Smile 24/7

Sounds reasonable to me.
Now, how about telling the politicians to do a bit of that.

Other than that, a nice introduction as far as personality goes, but how about your expat related hopes and dreams?

Well , bro, I am here in this beautiful country for the past 13 years now.
Wonderful. Amazing . Salute and Hats off to the great leaders.
World over the politicians are  becoming more corrupt and villains.
But , the great leaders in this country keep peace and harmony, Tolerence to all religion, Respect to the women.
UAE is also a place you can travel on your short vacations to Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and many countries with a climate difference.
If we keep silence about most of the Taxi drivers ( smell of Cigarette smoke in the car, also lousy smell of body odour) rest everything is fine
I would like to stay in this country as long as I can and as long as health permits.
No street dogs, no mosquitos, no threat to people by drunkards, no hate speech no racism no cruelty to women. I love UAE

I know little of politics over there, so I can neither agree nor disagree, but I like the idea of smiling (A hobby of mine), as I like a positive attitude and a sunny outlook on things.

Sweet Moon, I thank thee for thy sunny beams.
I thank thee, Moon, for shining now so bright.

Wow Fred...lovely words
where you from and what you do
Im a journalist, media person, writer , nature lover, publisher of two works, yoga trainer, end of the day, just a simple person . I love my self, i love God( beyond religions) I love to smile.
Good Night bro

I stole them from Shakespeare - I'm a bit of a fan.

Try this, a favourite of mine.

This is Loki's version.

Dr Who did a pretty good one, but the god of evil won that round.

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