Common misconceptions and clichés about life in Tanzania

Hello everyone,

Old clichés die hard, as the saying goes... and living in Tanzania can generate lots of misconceptions in the eyes of the people.

What are the most common misconceptions about the expat lifestyle in Tanzania?

What are the most common clichés about life in Tanzania in general?

Did you have a biased view of the country before moving there? What is you view now?

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hi Priscilla

i have lots of things to share about Tanzania. I have been staying there for 12 years and my wife is from with Tanzania.

i am currently in Mauritius now and will reply soon . I have so many good and bad things to share in general.


One misconceptions : All foreigner have much money to waste.

Foreigners can easily be cheated, because they are not wise enough to understand how they are being cheated. Since they are here taking 'our' jobs, then we should also claim what belongs to us by cheating them. Prices of commodities are sometimes changed once its realised u are a foreigner. And finally foreigners are here because their countries are uninhabitable.

I have amazingly good experience in TZ as an expat, I loved the warmth and friendly Tanzanians. They are always smilling and ready to help. Its been more then 16 years since I am working, living and travelling to Tanzania. Never felt un-welcomed ever. Small incidents of bits and pieces are part of life in every part of the world and TZ is not different.

Hello Everybody

I want to share my experiences where we lost app USD 400,000 and more with local peoples doing GOLD ,COPPER Business.

I Have seen lots of Mauritian, chinese, canadian cheated by fake gold supplier .They are mostly working togheter with congolese peoples with this deal.

Please be aware, i can share all the fake gold dealers list ion tanzania.

The prevailing racism in Tanzania holds all white people responsible for colonialism and imperialism; that consequently it is ok to rob white people.  The racism goes further and is quite complicated - with feelings of inferiority, jealousy, resentment mixed occasionally with admiration.  It is an easy strategy for currupt leaders such as Mugabe to distract from his own thieving and incompetence by denouncing outsiders or 'whites'.

But the Tanzanians suffer from their own tribalism/racism and despite the claims there is a lot of intolerance (including religious) among the people.  Crime and theft in Dar seem to have multipled many times since I arrived more than 3 years ago.  Tanzanians I know are beeing robbed as frequently, if not more frequently than expatriates because generally they don't have the same level of security, and I feel for them.  Despite Magufuli's efforts crime and corruption (more accurately extortion) continue to grow out of hand.

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