Common misconceptions and clichés about life in Bahrain

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Old clichés die hard, as the saying goes... and living in Bahrain can generate lots of misconceptions in the eyes of the people.

What are the most common misconceptions about the expat lifestyle in Bahrain?

What are the most common clichés about life in Bahrain in general?

Did you have a biased view of the country before moving there? What is you view now?

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Since Bahrain is a Muslim country  , l had a lot of misconceptions that
a)  women in this country don`t drive  , work , cover there faces .
b) Its a taboo to look at Muslim women any where "eye to eye contract"
c) close all your businesses when its time for prayers
d) Miss treatment of foreigners especially of low class like maids ,     helpers etc
e) women don`t have any right in this country
  d) amongst other misconceptions before .

But when l came , this country is the most hospitable country in all Muslim world according to me, b`se
1) have a laws and systems which is some how balanced other Muslim countries.
2) The bahrains are hospitable even than expats themselves .
3) The women have same equal rights to there male counters .
4) There is good health care in both private and Gov`t hospitals.
5) amongst other good things .
although there are still some challenges like  still mistreatment of expat workers especially concerning passport , visa , low pay , over working  , some conservative culture elements of wahabism still exist especially in rural areas .
In conclusion my misconceptions before where to a greater extent to good than what l see in reality however there is also still problems

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