Switching VISA once in Germany: from Job Seeker to ...


I have job seeker VISA for 6 months but I will go only for the last 4 months which is very tight to find a job. As it is not a visa to be extended, I am thinking to switch it to another type such as Language Student or University Student.

Can you please provide me information about the applications of VISA once being in Germany and how easy/hard is it? Also, if you can provide me more information about that in terms of required paperwork or any link.

I intend to register for 8 months German Language course in Berlin. Should I go back to my country to make new application or should I do it in Germany?

Thank you so much in advance.


It is very difficult

Language schools dont come handy when you need visa or permit to stay

Hope you found your way in

Can you share the job seeker visa process and success story of it?


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