Hi guys,

I am working with the Education and Training Division in Tan Phu district to organize an English club for Vietnamese teachers to help them improve their listening and speaking skills twice a month on Friday morning from 9:00 - 10:30 am at Glocal English Centre (near AEON mall Tan Phu).

Since we are still in the process of making plan and setting up, we are seeking for all the supports that we can get from the expat community to make it happen. Please let me know if you want to be part of our mission to make a difference in our community and help our teachers improve their skills. Thanks for reading my post


Linh Cao

Linh, i would love to help. What do you need help with.

Iam a basketball fan and has always wanted to teach backetball to kids here to help them with social and fitness skills. Please let me know how i can help.

Hi Linh,

I would love to support you but have to work on Friday, it would be much better for me if this is organized during weekend. Anyway, please let me know if I could do anything to help  :)


Thanks so much for your interest in supporting us. We're looking for native speakers who can help the Vietnamese teachers practice their speaking and listening skills. As I mentioned in my post, the Education and Training Division in Tan Phu district will give the topic for each month. We are in charge of preparing the program and running the event twice a month.

You can definitely take part in brainstorming the discussion details from the given topic every month and join us on the day we carry out the event to help facilitate the discussions with the Vietnamese teachers. I hope that makes sense. Please message me if you have further questions.



Is this a commercial event you charge the local teachers to attend?

Hi Mrs linh , i want to join in your group if you don't mind . please send me notification when the event starts . Thanks a lot

No, it's totally free for the teachers. We offer the location and refreshment for the event. We're working with the Education and Training Division of Tan Phu district so it's not a commercial event.

oh that's why i'm confusing this is community group or not . Thanks anyway .

I would love the opportunity I have a bachelor's degrees in the science of health education of arts and promotion

This is totally indecipherable to me. 

Shawnhoule :

...bachelor's degrees in the science of health education of arts and promotion

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