recommendations of honest realtor that speciliaze in small condos

I'm not new to, but new to the Mexico portion of the website. I'm interested in finding out some information on Tulum.

Can someone provide an overview of what's going on regarding property & property purchases there? Is it as good as you read that there is an International Airport being constructed, and new arterial routes into the town as well?

Some realtors are claiming that values have been going up 3-400% over the 5 years or so, is that true?

Myself and a couple of friends are considering a property purchase. Does anyone know of someone that speaks "English" at the Scotiabank in Tulum, or a branch that I could call that can speak English?

Can someone recommend an "HONEST" realtor that specializes in small condos?

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Not sure about banking personnel, but I have been to Tullum many times before, and let me assure you that it is not a problem finding English speaking people there. It is a100% touristic area. That said it also means that the property cannot be bought conventionally. Yes it will be owned by you with legal papers and all. But it will be a type of renewable in trust ownership. Sorry I cannot remember the exact legal name of this set up. That said the papers or deed in trust are for 99 or 50 years, it is transferable you can bequeath it sell it or whatever a normal deeded property would allow you to do.
Now for real estates brokers, well I have a very low opinion of them. They are all the same all over the world. Either in Canada or the U.S. they only have their own interests in mind. Most of them will lie to get their commission. Just like used car salesmen, lawyers and politicians.
You get my drift.
Good luck to you.

LOL, thanks for your response.


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