Debut Novel by former Kenyan

Yesterday in Paradise,

I bless the day I was born in Kenya. Like many people, most of my time in Kenya was unforgettable, a little forgettable, a little frightening, very much exciting and all those adjectives under the sun. I left school at 12 going on 13, worked at the old National and Grindlays Banks, a few months at Oxo East Africa, a year or two at the probation service (a stint as a juvenile probation officer) and then my life really took off: came in off the streets, conned my way to an interview with the editor John Bierman (who would remain my hero and my inspiration for the rest of my life) and got the job within a couple of minutes. I share all that and more with anyone from Kenya, or anyone who would like a good read (I think, forgive my bias). thanks for reading this. Cyprian Fernandes

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