Experience Shipping houshold good and car by Cargo?

Anyone has any recent experience or old experience in shipping their household good and a car please share.

Yes we shipped a full container and car, but it was 10 years ago.  Back then you could not find much here. Especially items of quality.  So we shipped all our fans, stove, Washer, dryer, household goods, kitchen stuff, electronics etc.  We did it with our one time exoneration with our new residency.  However today I probably would not do it.

We also shipped a car with out the residency exoneration and that turned into an expensive deal but still for us was worth it.

Bob K

Make sure you are doing it within the residencia period!!! Any other time will cost you regardless of who might be helping you!!!

Once we get our pensionado residency, how long do we have to import all your belongings? Also when importing your automobile can you still have some payments owing on it? If you were to do it today what possessions would you bring in?
Thanks for all responses.

I believe you have 6 months to do it.

Vehicle must be fully paid for!

Cant answer the last question - I brought 2 suitcases, golf clubs and 1 box with me!

Just got an email from our lawyer that said:

Regarding bringing household and a vehicle, it is a benefit  to which you will be able after you received the residency permit.

There is not a regulated time to request it, but your residency card must be valid to do it. You must own the vehicle for at least one year, and it cannot be older than 5 years.

Hope it is correct!

I do not believe that you have a long duration of time to do it in. It is limited. Double check that. 

Yes on the vehicle you must OWN it, which means no debt.  AND  it cannot be older then  5 years.  Very true.

Thanks I will double check!

Yes there is a time limit on bringing in a container under the residency tax exemption. 

Bob K

Da504Family...where are you shipping from?  I shipped my entire 3 bedroom house here and still ship to here today.  There are many ways to do things but you have to know the right people.  My shipper ships door to door.  All I have to do is pack and unpack.

What was the cost and where did you ship from. I have sold off 80% of my furniture but still considering shipping my car.

Stan - what kind of car is it? What year?

2013 Toyota Venza

I think that's too old to import, right?  Didn't that rule change?  StanR- Are you living on North Coast?

Must be  under  5 years old.  So I think you are just okay.  And a toyota is easier to fix and get parts for!

You do not want to import certain vehicles,  no one has parts for them. A company  I worked with bought a Dodge Durango - nothing but issues!!! Constant problems getting parts and every mechanic  "knows" how to fix em and they are full of doo doo.

Presently I am in Mexico and do not expect to be back in DR before the end of the year. When I do return it will be to the North Coast.
I was more curious than anything about the cost. At what point is it worth it to ship. The selling price of this car in Canada is about 14,500 USD. What would the same car sell for in DR, probably 20,000 USD. Add to 14.500 shipping and cost of registration etc in DR.
Buying a car in DR has certain risks, mostly depending on who you buy it from. I know my own car and its condition.

My guess is costs will come close to breaking even. The real key is knowing your own vehicle and its condition.

I agree, and that is exactly why I even consider shipping my own car to DR. In order to make a informed decision, I need to know what the costs will be. Shipping etc verses buying locally.

Just keep in mind that a car here new or used is about 30% to 35% more expensive than back home.  So factor that in a well.  If  you do not include it in your "tax free residency" container (and yes you are allowed one container and your vehicle must be in it, the car can not ship separate) the cost will be stupid after they add their "import" tax.

Bob K

Agree with Bob. If it is not part of your shipment then dont even consider it.

Can anyone recommend a shipping company in Florida. My thinking is next winter (November) I will drive down to Florida do some golfing and ship my car from there.

Double check its within your allowed time honey!

What is the allowed time. Are you referring to the age of the car to ship.

No the time.from when you get residencia and when you can ship with the benefits. I believe there is a time limit.

Okay. I renew my visa in December.

Visa or residencia? Very different visa doesnt allow you to bring a vehicle in and neither does renewal of residencia!

Residents visa.

Renewal will not allow you to bring a container or vehicle. Let me.find out the time restriction from your first residencia.

Here is a company that ships from various ports to all ports in the DR.   I am told they do a very good job and have multi generations of experience both in shipping and in customs work.

Contact them directly for quotes. They do ship from Miami and various other American ports.

Agencia de envios puerta a puerta, desde U.S.A., a la Rep.Dom.
estamos ubicados en USA.: 9600 NW 38 ST,Doral,Fl.,33178
Tel. 786-804-7611
Tel. Orlando,Fl.407-437-5812
Servicios de: Mudanzas, Contenedores consolidados,Vehiculos,Electrodomesticos,Cajas,ect.
En Rep. Dom. Tel. 809-8-586-1495, 829-399-6412
gilbertshipping[at] /

Thanks Planner.

You are very welcome honey! Glad to help.

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