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When I was working for an US company in Sofia I was always covered not only by the general medical cover for eveyone but also had private cover in addition to this. Very handy on some occasions as I had immediate access to the same doctor or specialist of choice.
Next time round, having retired this will no longer be so, as cover will of course cease when I retire.
Subsequently, I have little experience of the state cover and only been to hospitals for the odd xray.
Any recommendation what others do??
Rely on state, pay extra??

I will be on the state coverage starting next month (finally!) and I am excited to be able to use it. But honestly, I have not minded paying out of pocket for my expenses so far. I am relatively young and healthy though, so I do not pay more than I would have paid in extra insurance fees.

For example, my biggest fee has been childbirth, and for the birth and four days in the hospital (in a private room, with my husband staying with me) was around 1500 lev. I pay 20 lev for a GP (which I won't have to pay now with insurance) and 50 for specialists. Again, it is so rare that I go that it just works out to be cheaper to not have insurance. I also like not be limited on who I go see or dealing with processing insurance- paying is quick and simple. If you have health complications, that can build up fast though.


1. If you have 3 successive years (the last 3) with paid medical insurance in Bulgaria, then you can use the state medical service, as long as you keep paying the medical insurance installments.

2. If Option 1 is not an option, then you can pay directly to clinic/hospital you visit, when and if you need medical service.

3. Or, you can join a medical coverage plan in one of the big Insurance companies, then you will benefit more or less the same as in state clinics, but you will be able to receive services from private ones too.

Well, I have 3 successive years in BG but of course not the last 3  since 2014 I am back in the UK.
Option 2, may not be a solution, not when you reach pensionable age, too many things can happen.
Private medical cover can be frightingly expenisve, depending of course on what you wish to include.
But fo course, in Bulgaria it may be less costly, I just dont know at the moment.
Will have to investigate unless someone has such a plan in place.

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