Speed of the Internet Problem in dir'iah in Riyadh

I am in dir'iah area in Riyadh and i am facing a problem with my internet. I bought an STC unlimited sim  from the company. They told me that it is unlimited and i bought also a Quick4G router (picture below) but not from the company rather from the souq, so i expected that my speed net would be somehow a rocket.Unfortunately, I found the internet speed so slow and bad ,provided that it is 5 bars up when 4G. Surprisingly all my friends in the same area with the same sim of mine has a powerful internet.The only difference is that they have a Modem Afaq Shamel router(picture below), provided by the STC company. I ask myself now if the problem is in the router, but i don't know. So, I searched on the souq on that router but i didn't find it, maybe only provided by the company. Now i don't know how to get that router , if it is the real problem. Can I return to the company and buy it??? if so what is the description of the best performance of its many types??? Or if there is something wrong in my different router???? Please I need Help!!!


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